John with his band Voyager (1980)

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to bring you a special feature on a familiar face to many in the music business; John DeChristopher. John has had a storied career (and in fact, careers) in music and in just a moment you can listen to John tell his amazing story. At the outset, however, we just want to thank John for generously giving us some of his time and for sharing some special photographs. Indeed, it’s pretty easy to see why John is so popular and so well liked in the music industry.


Hailing from Massachusetts comes John DeChristopher, a well known, well liked, and, well respected self-taught drummer who was also a representative for many large vendors in the music industry throughout his career. As a vendor’s rep, John had an early stint with Simmons Drums (circa 1982) where he was introduced to many popular players like Danny Seraphine, David Robinson, and, Gregg Bissonette, among others. From Simmons John moved on to DW Drums in 1986 where he got in on the ground floor of one of the best drum manufacturers in the world.

John with his band Trigger (1978)
John with Don Lombardi and Remo Belli at NAMM

After remaining with DW for a few years John then relocated back to the Boston area in 1988 where he undertook a major position with Zildjian Cymbals.

Listen below as John tells us about how his playing career started and also how his career as a vendor began:

Today, John has returned to his playing days

John essentially retired from the vendor side of his career in 2013 while working for Zildjian and since then he has re-started his playing career. Complimenting his love for playing drums John has also undertaken the management of a few artists while also finding time to periodically author articles for Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds. In his travels and career, John has virtually made friends with everyone in the music industry; and, we mean everyone.

Listen below as John talks about his time at Zildjian and concluding the vendor side of his career:

With such an extensive background in working with worldwide vendors like DW Drums and Zildjian cymbals, we took the opportunity to ask John about his observations of the current state of the vendor market and his thoughts on what can be done to improve it. His response was interesting to say the least. Check it out:

As we said at the outset, John is known (and trusted) by so many marque performers that it is staggering. Below is just a sample of some of the company that John keeps:

As if to come full circle, today John is an active and working musician and he is the drummer in Grand Theft Audio, a formidable working band on the East Coast. Here, John concludes our in depth interview with him as he talks about his return to being a working musician:

In the end, John’s story speaks for itself. However, in our opinion it is an unusual and refreshing journey that is ladened with success and achievement. To best sum up John we would describe him like this: What you see is what you get. Nothing is hidden and he is as friendly and as engaging as he appears in these photographs and as he sounds in our audio. In fact, anyone that we came in contact with who knows John all had the same thing to say about him and it was all good. Clearly, our music industry is better because of John. Rock on Mr. DeChristopher!

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor