I had the pleasure of trying out Evans’ oil filled hydraulic Level 360 heads just last night and the news is all good. In fact, it is great. These heads are two ply of 7 mil film with oil between them and they also sport a gorgeous red color. Evans tells us that they are easy to tune and that representation is certainly true. In fact, despite them being new I found that over a three hour gig they did not go out of tune at all–not once.

The action on these heads is also worth mentioning since it is very good and I really liked the slight “snap” that these heads provided. Some heads provide great sound but their action is lacking. With these heads it’s quite the opposite.

I know that reviewing things like heads and drum sticks can be difficult because personal preference plays such a big role in the selection but here I was compelled to write about these great heads after just one gig.  I simply loved the action that they provided, the tone they gave of, and, the color that they possessed. Perhaps more than any other head the appearance of these skins is clearly unique. However, make no mistake about it; despite the unique appearance the quality of these heads is above reproach. Finally, knowing that I have a two ply head gives me a sense of comfort knowing that the chances of breaking the head are less than with a one ply head.

I have always recommended Evans heads and certainly my experience with the Level 360 two ply oil hydraulic heads will not change that opinion. In fact, if anything I am even more in favor of Evans because of these heads and for the foreseeable future the red oil filled two ply 7 mil heads are my heads of choice and I would recommend that they be yours too. With these heads Evans has me “seeing red” and in this instance, that’s a good thing.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor