It is our distinct pleasure here at Beato’s Blog to bring you our exclusive interview with the great jazz legend and master teacher, Joe Porcaro.

Walk through many a studio, sound set, or recording facility and Joe’s name will invariably come up. The Hartford, Connecticut, native has had quite a storied career that began in the East and wound up flourishing in the West. In our exclusive feature on “Joe P,” as he sometimes calls himself, we hear directly from the legend as he tells us how it all started all the way up and through his most recent stint when his quartet played at the legendary Cotton Club in Tokyo just last year.

Indeed, the patriarch of this great family has a lot to say starting with the beginning of his amazing career, to his life choices that positively affected so many lives, to his reflections on his professional accomplishments as well as his thoughts on heading one of the most musically talented families to ever grace the entertainment industry.

But at the bottom of it all is this humble and kind man who would give his time and energy to anyone in need. Thus, despite his accomplishments, his career, his legendary musical status, and, the endearing notoriety of his well known musical family, “Joe P.” is simply a nice and approachable guy. One won’t find arrogance, entitlement or pretentiousness with Joe P. That description just doesn’t fit this man.

So please take a listen to the life and times of Joe P. as told by the jazz master himself. This journey with Joe–we think–is a refreshing recount of a wonderful life and career that spawned so much good in music and this world. That thought is indeed corroborated by simply talking with anyone who has either studied under Joe, performed alongside him, or, those who have interacted with him. The respect and admiration that so many have shown for Joe P., his music and career as both a performer and teacher, and, his incredibly talented family, is nothing short of remarkable. In fact, it is heartwarming. So we salute you Joe P. and we thank you for being so giving with your time in making this project happen as well all that you did in your magnificent career which by the way, is still alive and well. We would not have missed it for the world.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor