. . . . .”So, when the idea of starting a blog with Fred Beato came along, that was an opportunity that I was not going to pass up. I had known of Fred for years and always used his drum bags. They were, and still are, the best. But what impressed me the most about Fred was just simply, Fred. I always felt he was one of the most down to earth people I had met and in this business, that’s a rarity. So Fred and I spoke about starting a blog and I was on it from day one. No frills, no pretentious agendas, and, no drama. I thought we complimented each other very well. The rest is history.” . . . . . “I knew that Fred and I were just not capable of handling the technical aspects of a blog. There’s a lot that was over our heads and we knew it. So, I consulted with Fred and recommended Steve Martinho to be our I.T. guy. I had previously worked with Steve who had built and designed my band’s website and I knew he was very good at his craft. He also brought a musical and marketing background which I thought was important. Fred was in. Steve was the architect of our blog and we have received so many positive comments about it. We are proud of our blog and we know in the future we can expect bigger and better things from it. We also knew that editing and producing was in Steve’s wheelhouse. We thought we had found a recipe for success.” Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor Beato’s Blog
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. . . . .”I started my business, Beato Inc., in California about 30 years ago. I have always been involved in the music business primarily as a vendor but also as a performer. However, I had never ventured into “social media” or “blogging” but it had always interested me. I was also always interested in getting personal stories out there. People and their lives interested me. So when I met Ken/”K Bo” I felt I had met someone that I could work with who shared the same interests and beliefs that I did. I decided it was time to expand my company and in 2014, the time was right to venture into a world that I had not yet experienced. We have just been going up from there.” . . . . . “I was really excited to get the word out about Beato’s Blog and we started to build it. . . slowly. It was certainly a lot of work and a learning experience for us all starting from the ground up like we did. I had always thought I would get a good reaction and that we could offer a product that people would like. To be honest, I wanted to promote it ahead of our launch and so I went to professionals and friends whom I had known for years and thought I would ask them for testimonials. I really wasn’t sure that I would get any and more importantly, if I did, what they would say? Looking back, I was overwhelmed at the amount of support that I received from friends, colleagues, and people I had met in my 30 plus years of being in the music business. I was so touched by all the support. In fact, I was humbled. In telling our story Ken, Steve, and I thought it was important that we again put those testimonials out for people to see. What makes me feel good, looking back, is that we did deliver. People endorsed us before a shovel was in the ground, so to speak, and I felt that we did not let them down.” Fred Beato, Editor-In-Chief Beato’s Blog
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. . . . . “There are no words of gratitude that I can express for the outpouring of support that came forth from the testimonials we received from friends and colleagues whom I had met and stayed in touch with over the years. All I can say is simply, “thank you.” I won’t forget the time and thought behind each testimonial and how much that meant to me to have such support before we even put up one post. I similarly feel so satisfied that with so many showing faith in advance that we subsequently delivered. We said we wanted to make a statement and I think we have succeeded.” Fred Beato, Editor-In-Chief Beato’s Blog  


  “Both Don Lombardi and I have known Fred for almost four decades and his name has been synonymous with the drum community for as many years.  His name is ingrained in our drum culture and we’ve have all watched the drum industry grow and the art form evolve in a huge way.  Having the opportunity to hear from a passionate drum historian is a wonderful thing.” John Good, Co-Founder, DW Drums   “’Beato’—The name is synonymous with quality! In an era where drum bags were not worth the material they were made of, Fred Beato turned the case industry on its ear, by coming out with incredible quality bags at an incredible price. That same innovation continues today. Knowing the reputation of Fred Beato, I really look forward to his new blog and wish him success.” Steve Lobmeier, Artist Relations/ Percussion Brands, D’Addario & Co., Inc.   “We have known Fred Beato for almost 40 years and consider him one of the family. The quality of the bags he produces are second to none. Fred’s honesty and integrity is an inspiration to the industry.” Professional Drum Shop, Hollywood, California   “Fred Beato has been a staple in the music community for decades and his new venture “Beato’s Blog” will surely offer plenty of insight and advice to many inspiring and seasoned drummers & percussionists.  Congratulations Fred!” Andrew Shreve Former Marketing & Artist Relations Manager Paiste America, Inc. (now with Gretsch Drums)   “Beato Bags have always surpassed my expectations when it comes to protecting and securing my most valuable possession– my drums. With their signature durability and impeccable quality, they are more than just a simple bag–they are my peace of mind in any given situation.” Raul Pineda, International Latin Drummer, 2000 Grammy Winner (best Latin Jazz performance) and three time Grammy Nominee   “I have been using Beato Bags for at least 18 or 20 years now and I have to tell you that they are the best bags ever made. I still have and use my original bags and they’re still holding up. Best of luck to Fred with his new blog.” Dennis Chambers World Class Jazz, Funk and Latin Drummer and Recording Artist   “I have been using Beato soft bags on my drums since the 80’s… They are fantastic. My Dad Bud Bissonette used Beato bags every time our drums went to a session. My Dad used them for all 18 years that he did drum cartage for me in Los Angeles. All my best to Fred and Ken on the new Beato’s Blog!!!!” Gregg Bissonette Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band and renowned solo artist   “Beato bags are a perfect fit for my gear, they are also durable and convenient. I love them. Congratulations Fred and Ken on the new “Beato’s Blog.” Thank you for your support.” Luis Conte World Class Percussionist Modern Drummer “Percussionist Of The Year” (2009-2012)   “After checking out Raul Pineda’s drum bags I was convinced that Beato Bags will be the best choice for drum kits. A great company with great craftsmanship. Good Luck with Beato’s Blog!” Dave Lombardo World Class Drummer Slayer, PHILM, Grip, Inc., Fantomas, and Testament   “Not once in all my years in the studio, TV and movie calls, have I ever had to replace any of my Beato Bags or orchestra covers. They are truly the Rolls Royce of drum bags and orchestra covers. I wish Fred the best of luck with this blog and I look forward to seeing it.” Joe Porcaro World Class Drummer and Percussionist Co-Director Drum Studies, Los Angeles Music Academy     “If you are a working drummer no bag works better than a Beato Bag! It is the best for loading in your car and protects all your gear without fail. I sincerely wish Fred and Ken the best with “Beato’s Blog.” Tico Torres World Class Drummer Bon Jovi  


. . . . .”I am excited for our future. I have always felt that we strive to provide good content with no fluff. I want to push that envelope and take it further. I also look forward to expanding our creative horizons. I am not interested in average and neither are my partners. This blog is not an “if,” it’s a ‘when.’” Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor Beato’s Blog   . . . . . “I must admit that I am excited about where we are going. This has been, and continues to be, a great learning experience for me. I don’t look back and regret one bit starting a blog to compliment my drum bag business. I look forward to growing this venture and at this stage in my life I feel fortunate to be expanding. Look for bigger and better things from Beato’s Blog in the future. No doubt.” Fred Beato, Editor-In-Chief Beato’s Blog   . . . . . “I am so looking forward to showing the world what we can do with this blog. We want to set the bar high and keep reaching until we leave the atmosphere. We will be innovative and simply not just mail things in. I am so looking forward to us putting our stamp on the social media and internet community. This is going to be good.” Steve Martinho, Creative Media Director Beato’s Blog