According to those in the know in order to generate a great podcast the participants have to be able to accomplish several things. First, there needs to be great conversation such that the listener feels like he or she is in the room with the participants themselves. Second, a working knowledge of the subject matter is needed, and, finally, there needs to be the proper balance between meeting the audience’s interests and providing just enough information to keep the listeners engaged. Having some experience in the area myself I would add that the podcasters themselves have to have some chemistry of sorts. Obviously, the better the chemistry, the better the show.

Duke Clement hard at work

So, when we here at Beato’s Blog began a search for the right partner for a podcast we kept all of the above in mind, and then some. Fortunately, we were able to find the right fit and with that we want to introduce our readers to our newest partner, the impeccable drummer extraordinaire, Duke Clement. A seasoned veteran of the “Jersey Shore” music circuit, Duke is a straight ahead great guy and a wonderful personality with decades of experience in the music business beginning with his days at Latin Percussion as their artist relations manager (circa 1990-1992). From there, Duke developed and established TJC Productions, LLC, which is a media production company that he owns and operates up and through today.

Duke regularly appears on the Jersey Shore with Skinny Amigo amongst many other acts (from l. to r., Larry Haber, Mike Vanderweerd, and, Duke Clement)

However, our observations and interactions with Duke came on the job, so to speak. Seeing him around constantly at work behind his drum kit we were intrigued to always ask who he was playing with on any given day because quite frankly, we had lost count of the groups that he regularly performed with. Always greeting one with a smile Duke has a calming effect about him. However, don’t be fooled, there is a clever sense of humor behind that smile that we are anxious to explore and that exploration begins later this month exclusively here on Beato’s Blog.

Duke at work for TJC Productions

So, with that won’t you please help us welcome Duke aboard and be sure to stay tuned for our first upcoming podcast on Drummers’ Hang With KBo and Duke which will be out in the early part of August. The podcast’s first guest is none other than Chicago’s drummer, Wally Reyes, Jr., whose career is clearly en fuego. We think you should definitely expect the unexpected.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor