Last night in Studio City, California, Wally Reyes, Jr., and Wally World came to town and thrilled fans with a live performance in support of Reyes’ recent release entitled Jamming At The Baked Potato. Performing at The Baked Potato itself the band performed tunes from their live record and much more. Reyes and his band brought the house down with various renditions of classics which also included a special appearance by Wally’s multi-talented daughter, Lilliana de los Reyes. Also appearing with Reyes were the members of Wally World–Manny Mendoza (bass and vocals); Mario Quiroga (guitar and vocals); Joey Navarro (keyboards and vocals); and, Inocente Alvarez (percussion and vocals).

Top from l. to r. Manny Mendoza, Mario Quiroga, Wally, Joey Navarro, and Inocente Alvarez. Bottom is Lllliana de los Reyes

Last night’s show was also interesting because it was a special occasion to bring together some very talented musicians for a performance before some of them embark on other major commitments. In the case of Wally Reyes, Jr., the drummer for Chicago,  he leaves in just a few weeks for an extended tour with the epic band which kicks of on May 8 in Huntsville, Alabama. Chicago’s tour schedule will continue through the Summer of 2018.  Similarly, Lilliana de los Reyes will be headed to New Orleans to perform at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (April 27 to May 6).

Check out this clip from last night’s show of Wally’s talented daughter performing with Wally World (video courtesy of Steve Olch):

Also worthy of mention was Wally’s fantastic kit care of DW Drums. To say that the kit was stylish and unusual (besides sounding terrific) is an understatement.

Wally’s impeccable DW drum kit

Speaking of Wally and his kit here’s another clip of the band performing the first track from Jamming entitled Nothing Can Come Between Us (video courtesy of Steve Olch):

In the end fans left more than satisfied as Jamming lived up to its bill and if you missed last night’s show don’t fret it, you can see Wally dominate on drums all Summer as Chicago makes its rounds. The effervescent and multi-talented drummer/percussionist will undoubtedly be playing somewhere near you so be sure to look for Wally Reyes, Jr., as he performs with Chicago beginning May 8 all through the Summer of 2018. Rock on Wally!

Editor’s Note: For more information on Chicago’s tour schedule, please visit their site here.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor