A sold out Bogies crowd enjoys an amazing performance

Bogies Lounge in Westlake Village, California, was the scene last night for a special celebration which was “The Jazz Master’s” 88th birthday. The Jazz Master is, of course, none other than the iconic Joe Porcaro, the patriarch of the legendary Porcaro musical family. Joe P., who performed alongside David Garfield, Emil Richards, Chuck Berghofer, Chuck Findley, Ira Nepus, and, Larry Kleimas, thrilled the crowd for two shows on a Monday night in Los Angeles County.

Two longtime friends; Fred Beato (l.) and Joe P. (r.)

Our own Fred Beato was in attendance and he reported that the show of love and admiration for The Jazz Master was pretty overwhelming. Fred, a longtime and close friend of Joe P., tells us that many heavyweights from the music industry were on hand including DW’s founder Don Lombardi who presented Joe P. with a special birthday present; his very own DW Dynasonic snare drum.

The Jazz Master hard at work

But the best part of the event is that by all accounts The Jazz Master’s chops are still in good order which is a testament to the phenomenal talent and career that Joe P. has amassed over a lifetime of performing and teaching. Indeed, Joe P. looked right at home in his longtime office behind a drum kit.

Each performer on stage with Joe P. was stellar

So, on behalf of all of us here at Beato’s Blog we wanted to wish Joe P. an early and happy 88th birthday following his amazing performance at Bogies Lounge last night.

Editor’s Note: Joe P.’s actual birthday is April 29.


Mr. P. please keep swinging, grooving, teaching and, simply just being you. All the best and happy birthday!

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor