Talking about drum sticks can be a tough discussion because a player’s selection and choice of stick is highly personal. However, when a stick comes along that is unusual in either design or feel, it’s worth mentioning.  Designed with Stephen Creighton, world renowned drum sergeant of the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band, Promark has designed such a stick and it is one of the newest products to hit the pipe band market.

Promark’s Stephen Creighton Signature Stick offers a gradual taper which, when coupled with a maple construction, gives this stick great rebound, feel and consistency that performing on a high-tension pipe snare demands. This stick also comes in an elegant, painted white finish for high visibility on the playing field.

Speaking on the stick, Creighton had this to say:

“Working with Promark, I went through several iterations to perfect the design of my new signature drumstick. By shifting the weight to the front of the stick and tapering the back of the grip, we created a stick with improved balance and rebound. With Promark’s advanced weight and tone sorting processes, and high-quality maple, this design makes the perfect pipe band stick.”

In trying out this stick myself I found use for it beyond the pipe band application and in fact I found its feel to be unlike many other sticks I have tried. Although the stick provided a “big” feel to it (in terms of its girth), it was very maneuverable and light weight. Furthermore, in terms of projection the Stephen Creighton Signature Stick was less powerful than say a 7A or 5A weight stick but it provided more power than a Promark Hot Rod. The feel is truly unique and for those drummers who are performing in quieter or more acoustic like gigs, this stick can be a great addition to your arsenal whether you ever play in a pipe band or not and that is due largely to the width of the grip portion of the stick. In other words, applied to a drum set, the stick can provide a “big” feel in a player’s hands while also producing a controlled and subdued sound. Thus, for those of us who want something more than a Hot Rod but something less than a light to moderate weight stick, this product is the answer.

So, by all means, you want to check out this unique stick regardless of whether you play in a pipe band or not.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor