The podcast formerly known as The Drummers’ Hang has made some significant changes. Co-creator and New Jersey resident Duke Clement recently commented:

Duke Clement

“Originally, it was me and K Bo talking drums. However, we recently decided to broaden our horizons and go beyond drums–we were looking for a larger audience AND A GREATER VARIETY OF TOPICS. Don’t get me wrong, we will still feature drums but we are now ALSO going broader to reach a larger audience and touch upON a larger number of topics. Speaking for K Bo and I, we are excited.”

Another significant change to the podcast was a change in the name to The Upbeat Hang as well as the addition of Jersey artist and vocalist Amy Hariegel. Hariegel should round out the booth and she not only brings a female perspective to things but she also offers insight from a vocalist’s point of view. Hariegel herself had this to say:

Amy Hariegel

“I am super excited to join K Bo and Duke on this podcast and not being a drummer, i think, is actually a benefit here. I can certainly follow along if it has to be drums but my experience as a vocalist as well AS FROM being around theater and acting will ALSO bring a new element TO THE SHOW. I am very excited to work with these guys and bring a new feel to everything.”

The Upbeat Hang can be found on most platforms including Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Tune In, Spotify, and, Google Play. For more information on the show please visit the podcast’s website here

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor