We are excited to announce that the Philadelphia based artist–Werwe–has just released a self-titled LP. Supporting Werwe (label: Mystery Circles) on this terrific record are members of American Trappist and Sleepmonster. (In fact, a number of musicians contributed, including Sleepmonster on drums/percussion and Tim Cambell on pedal steel. The guitars, keys and other noises were split between Steve Martinho and Joe Michelini of American Trappist). All of the songs on the album were written by Steve Martinho, with the exception of Weekend Sun which was co-written with American Trappist.

The album was produced by American Trappist but conceptualized by Steve Martinho, with notable production advice from Sleepmonster.

Steve Martinho of WeRwe

The tracklisting for the album is:

  1. Weekend Sun (1:36);
  2. Throne (3:36);
  3. Oh Lord (2:39);
  4. Making Art (3:58);
  5. Red Lines (3:25);
  6. Hotel (3:14);
  7. Waiting For Summer (2:36);
  8. Stay In The Lines (3:16);
  9. Hands & Feet (2:52); and
  10. Easy To Break (3:39).

The most immediate trait of this record is the fact that each track is unique unto its own. Indeed, the self-titled album shows the many different sides of Werwe thus making compartmentalizing this artist difficult since Werwe encompasses and embodies many different styles and treatments.

For example, the opening track, Weekend Sun, is a solemn acoustic track that stands in stark contrast to the rest of the songs on the album. Throne offers a more produced feel to it along with some nice vocal work by Martinho. Red Lines has a different rhythmic feel and some interesting vocals as well as effects. Marking Art–the longest track on the album–follows and this track features some nice steel guitar work by Cambell with a slight country feel.

Hotel offers an interesting perspective into this artist’s writing abilities as well as his unique vocals while Waiting For Summer is an engaging “retro” style track which offers some catchy backing vocals and nice guitar work by Martinho. In fact, the first couple bars of this song interestingly weaves a Beach Boys-esque feel that is very catchy. Stay In The Lines offers an introspective look into this artist which is a nice detour from the feel of the rest of the album. Finally, Hands & Feet is an uptempo track featuring some catchy vocals and a neat arrangement from this alternative rock artist.

We invite you to check out these clips from Waiting For Summer and Hands & Feet below:

Werwe’s Self Titled record is a terrific record for a variety of reasons and in fact, it is the variety of this record that makes it so good. Martinho has masterfully measured his stay in different types of rhythms and arrangements which makes this album a very easy listen. So, if you are a music consumer who is looking for a new album which is well produced, well written and, well-performed, then the album should be your present to yourself. Enjoy.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor