TASCAM’s Joe Stopka

With NAMM 2019 kicking off this week we wanted to get you primed for what you can expect from the fine folks at TASCAM and to help us to do that, we were able to grab Joe Stopka (VP of sales and business) to take a quick peak behind the TASCAM curtain. As Joe tells us, TASCAM is slated to introduce some new products at NAMM 2019 and for anyone interested in pro-audio, you will want to make visiting the TASCAM booth a must do.

TASCAM’s handheld products are simply the best

It goes without saying around here at Beato’s Blog that we are big fans of TASCAM and in fact we use TASCAM products all the time. Nevertheless, it was great to hear about the new products and Joe’s input and description of these products demonstrates a masterful understanding of the pro-audio business as well as the new and terrific TASCAM products.

TASCAM 24 mixer


Below, please check out our sit down with TASCAM’s Joe Stopka.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor