This upcoming Friday, on June 1, drummer/composer Phil Haynes is slated to release (via Corner Store Jazz) My Favorite Things which is his third album in a series of records which explore different periods of time in music. My Favorite Things explores the 60’s and it covers many of the hits from that decade via a two CD set. Joining Haynes on this record is Hank Roberts (cello and vocals) , Jim Yanda (guitar), and, Drew Gress (bass). My Favorite Things covers various hits from that decade including Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix); People Are Strange (The Doors), as well as various Beatle tunes and hits from Coltrane and and James Brown.

The 60’s–besides being a formative decade for the band–was a wise selection for re-invention as Haynes explains:

“It was our last cultural revolution. This is the last decade that everybody agrees on, so this is a look at that psychedelic, diverse musical landscape. We face many of the same questions now that we faced then, and it will be interesting to see if there’s another social revolution.”

My Favorite Things is interesting and it clearly throws some curves to the listener but in the end the interpretations are interesting and innovative and certainly worth checking out. Haynes doesn’t disappoint but that’s not surprising since he is a New York based veteran artist with more than 25 years experience and he has been featured on more than 70 releases from American and European record labels.

Phil Haynes

Come June 1 make time to check out My Favorite Things. Even though you are going backwards in time your thinking, like Haynes’, will be forward. Indeed, very forward. Interesting record and a great effort and I highly recommend it.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor