When the legendary band Chicago finally made it into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame we told you that we thought that that event was long overdue. Well, Chicago wasn’t the only artist which was repeatedly (and wrongfully) left out of the RFHOF mix. Jerseyean rocker Jon Bon Jovi was also on that list. However, we will back of a little bit now with the announcement that Jon Bon Jovi is finally being inducted into the RRHOF.

“Well. I mean … we’re very happy about it. And um, you know. It’s great. I really want to say it’s about time.”

JBJ on the induction announcement

JBJ’s track record as an artist speaks for itself and indeed you, the fans, made that crystal clear this year since JBJ won the fan poll with more than 1 million votes. Selling over 100 million records through 13 studio albums, JBJ’s “record” speaks for itself and frankly, it is an obvious choice for induction.

Richie Sambora

The real interesting question posed by this induction, however, is not the induction itself but rather, will displaced guitarist Richie Sambora make an appearance in Cleveland on April 14? Time will tell. In any event, congrats JBJ. Long overdue? Yes, but that’s behind you now.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor