There is a fascinating 1970s phenomenon that is making a resurgence today in a big way. The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, which was formed in 1970 on Long Island and later relocated to Paris, France, is releasing an anthology via Manifesto Records this Friday. The story of theThe Lafayette Afro Rock Band and their influence on modern hip-hop compositions is a fascinating story. Check out this press release about the legendary group and the release of their anthology.


“LOS ANGELES, CA – October 24, 2016 – The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, aka Ice were an American Funk Band formed in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York that relocated to Paris, France in 1970 where they recorded with legendary French producer Pierre Jaubert as the house session band at his Parisound Studio. Almost unknown in their native United States during their recording career, they have since become a huge cult sensation and are now universally celebrated as one of the standout Funk bands of the 1970s. Manifesto Records will release an anthology of their music, AfroFunkExplosion! on October 28.

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band are one of the most sampled bands ever with their revered “Hihache” appearing on Biz Markie’s classic “Nothing Beats the Biz,” LL Cool J’s defining “Jiggling Baby,” Montell Jordan’s enduring hit “This is How We Do It,” and many more by artists including De La Soul and Coolio.

Their track “Darkest Light” has an iconic saxophone part that has been looped to great effect most notably by Wreckx-N-Effect on party favorite “RumpShaka,” more consciously by Public Enemy on “Show Em What You Got,” which in turn inspired it’s use in Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got,” plus in Masters at Work’s dancefloor classic “Justa Lil Dope,” and others by artists including Heavy D, Brittany Spears, and the Freestylers.

Other popular artists who have sampled The Lafayette Afro Rock Band include Ice Cube, Gorillaz, N2Deep, The Beatnuts, Kruder & Dorfmeister Pizzicato Five, DJ Q-Bert, Flying Lotus, Nice & Smooth, Naughty by Nature, Digital Underground, Kriss Kross, Janet Jackson, and Gravediggaz, just to name a few.”


The double CD will list for $19.98 and here’s the track listing for both albums:


Disc One

  1. Darkest Light
  2. Hihache
  3. Soul Makossa
  4. Conga
  5. Voodounon
  6. Malik
  7. Nicky
  8. Djungi
  9. Heels & Soles
  10. Red Matchbox
  11. Scorpion Flower (Crispy & Co.)
  12. A.I.E. (A Mwana) (Crispy & Co.)
  13. Dr. Beezar “Soul Frankenstein” (Captain Dax)

Disc Two

  1. Racubah
  2. Hi Fi Woman
  3. The Gap (Instrumental Version)
  4. Losin’
  5. Funky Bunch
  6. Too Little Room
  7. Ozan Koukle
  8. Put An X On The Spot (In The Sky)
  9. Autumn Leaves
  10. There’s Time To Change
  11. Quick
  12. I Need Love
  13. Dgunji
  14. Funky Lovin’
  15. Time Will Tell
  16. Frisco
  17. Don’t Wonder Why
  18. One Chance

In addition to the CD and digitally released anthology, Manifesto will also digitally release four Lafayette Afro Rock Band albums –Malik, Soul Makossa, Afon, and Red Matchbox, and two ICE albums – Each Man Makes His Destiny and Import/Export.

Editor’s note: For more information about this fascinating project, please contact publicist Susan von Seggern at

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor