WRSUToday I had the pleasure of appearing on the Mooch & Mata show which broadcasts from the beautiful campus at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Although the show is in its first year of existence it is already apparent that this digital duo is bound for bigger things. Week by week, they continue to hone their craft and improve upon a natural chemistry between co-hosts Trish Mata (Mata) and Paul Anthony (Mooch). Moreover, beyond providing engaging and live conversation, Mooch & Mata has already scored interviews with several well known Jersey bands such as Matt O’Ree, Colossal Street Jam, Strumberry Pie, and, The Hollow, just to name a few.

Both personalities are certainly interesting in their own right. Mata, a talented vocalist and actress, brings a contagious laugh and engaging personna that makes one feel immediately at home. Mooch, an entrepreneur and seasoned touring musician, brings a high level of intellect that is sure to challenge listeners and guests alike. Together, the duo work well….very well.

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Editor’s Note: You can also catch Trish Mata on Pandora’s Box which is a true crime story which airs on Investigation Discovery. Trish will be appearing in an upcoming episode entitled Heat Of The Night which airs on December 22, at 10:00 p.m.

The Mooch & Mata show airs on WRSU 88.7 FM every Wednesday from 4:00-5:30 p.m.

As Mooch tells us, he’s excited for the opportunity to show off his talent over the airwaves.

“As a musician I have toured a considerable amount so I am accustomed to entertaining and appearing before audiences, large and small. But this is different. Now, instead of relying on my vocal or musical abilities I am drawing upon my abilities to purely entertain with discussion and intellect. Plus, the audience is not right in front of me so it is different for sure. It’s a challenge but certainly one that I welcome.”


Mata added this:

“I too find this [radio] to be a different experience. As an actress I usually follow a script and as a vocalist I sing lyrics. Here, there’s no script or lyrics. It’s just me and Mooch and we never know exactly what is going to happen so, there is definitely an element of spontaneity which makes it challenging.  But speaking for both of us, we are up for the challenge and I love growing my talents and so does he.”
Mooch & Mata pregame prior to the show
Mooch & Mata pregame prior to the show

All in all, I highly recommend checking out this show. The entertainment value is high and the talent is real. It’s two engaging personalities giving it all they have, totally live. For me, I can’t wait to see what this pair comes up with on future shows and in future endeavors. I know I will be listening and I hope you are too.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor