Whenever young musicians come along who are naturally gifted and super talented, it’s an exciting thing. Add to that element of youth, musicians who don’t necessarily chase the most popular genre but instead, they chase what is in their hearts and souls, and you really have something that is exciting. Enter The Peterson Brothers; Glenn and Alex. Glenn, the elder of the two, is 19 years old and he plays guitar. Alex, the younger brother, is 16 and he plays bass. Together, these two artists are a blues dynamo and they are quickly becoming a nationally recognized leader in the continuation of the blues genre and tradition.

In a moment you are going to hear from these two fine young men but first, I wanted to give you my thoughts on these artists.  The first thing that struck me in speaking with them on and off the air was their politeness and the manner in which they carried themselves. It was so refreshing to talk with two young musicians who are so respectful of others and more importantly, so respectful of their musical heritage as blues artists.

The second thing that impressed me is their dedication to their art. These two artists take their music seriously….very seriously. They work really hard at their craft and it shows in their music. To find out for yourself please check out their self-titled debut album which was released earlier this year on Blue Point Records. 


So please take a moment to check out what these two amazing young men have to say.  We are certain you will be hearing more about these great artists in the future.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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