Earlier today reports began swirling that mega-pop band One Direction had split up. The genesis for this story was apparently a report by US Weekly that the band was coming to an end. (You can read that story here). Following the release of the US Weekly report other sources began to cite to it in furtherance of the belief that indeed the band was done. One of the sources to surprisingly cite to the US Weekly report was MTV News and you can read MTV’s report here. We say “surprisingly” because the US Weekly report merely relied on an unnamed source and that’s it.

Indeed, it was almost predicable that reports later in the day would counter what US Weekly reported and in fact Gossip Cop did just that (although it also relied on an unnamed source as well) and you can read that report here. USA Today followed suit (also relying on an unnamed source) and you can read that report here. Both reports touted the rumors as not being true c/o “their” unnamed source. 1D 2

Obviously, even if you are not a fan of the band and they split up it’s news–big news. Conversely, if you are a fan of the band it’s really big news–indeed probably heartbreaking news. But here’s the point; let’s get it right and base our reports on something concrete (indeed anything concrete). The fans, the artist, and, the readers deserve something more than naked innuendo which comes from unnamed sources. We always felt that this story–regardless of how it ends–was going to be a media feeding frenzy fueled by speculation however, there’s got to be some substance to what is being reported (on both sides). Otherwise, we have perhaps lost our “directional” sense. How do I know that? Well, someone familiar with the situation told me.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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