“The band is beyond excited to win indie album of the year from internet radio in Australia. This was a total surprise and we are honored and excited at the same time. “Living Free” is still going strong and it has exceeded anything we thought possible this year. We look forward to going into 2018 strong with a new single and full release to follow.” CSJ lead singer Gene Potts

Man, do we love being right. Earlier this year we had the pleasure of reviewing Colossal Street Jam’s latest record entitled Living Free and you can check out that review here. We told you that CSJ’s record was outstanding and that the band was going places. Boy, was that an understatement. Despite being a staple in the Jersey music scene CSJ now appears to be poised to take their music down under, in a big way.

Banks Radio Australia (BRA), an internet radio site which caters to and features unsigned independent artists, has just announced that CSJ has won independent album of the year for Living Free.

BRA has a very good reputation for supporting independent bands worldwide and to show it they employed an impressive panel which made the call on CSJ’s Living Free. Check out the judges below:

CSJ lead singer Gene Potts, photo courtesy of CouCou Photography

This result is very impressive but in our opinion, it’s not surprising. CSJ has consistently wowed crowds with their material, musical talent, showmanship, and overall professionalism and as we said in our review, Living Free is simply a great record. So, in our opinion, the award is very well deserved but we cannot say that it was shocking.

This is an interesting opportunity for CSJ considering the strong independent market that Australia supports. In fact, Australia has a rich history of musical excellence and it is the home to such well known artists as 5 Seconds Of Summer, Olivia Newton John, Rick Springfield, AC/DC, INXS, and Iggy Azelea, just to name a few. Australia is also the sixth largest music market in the world the seventh largest for digital sales. Point being that there is plenty of opportunity for CSJ in Australia.

Sal Marra

We feel that this is just the beginning for CSJ to flex its muscles outside of the United States. The band not only has the juice to achieve but also the will to succeed. Led by lead singer Gene Potts and guitar maven Sal Marra, CSJ has what it takes to make it. Living Free proved that and a road trip half way around the world will only further drive the point home.

Congrats and rock on boys.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor