This week Fred and I are in Anaheim, California, for NAMM’s (National Association Of Music Merchants) 2016 Annual Convention which will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center.  NAMM’s show always brings together the best in the music industry to show off their products and talents.  This year, Beato’s Blog gets the ball rolling with a sit down with DW Drums’ own John Good.  As Fred has always said, John is the other half of the heart and soul of DW with the other half being DW’s founder, Don Lombardi.  Together, the duo–along with Don Lombardi’s son, Chris–have created a musical juggernaut that cannot be rivaled.  Many regard DW Drums as the premiere manufacturer of not only high-end drums, but also drums for all levels from beginner to master performer.

John Good, K Bo, and Fred Beato
John Good, K Bo, and Fred Beato

Editor’s Note: You can check out our prior sit down with DW’s Don Lombardi here.

But as we found out with Don Lombardi, DW wasn’t built in a day and like every other successful business in this country, it had its ups and downs.  However, in the end the ups greatly outweighed the downs and now DW stands at the forefront of the drumming community; indeed, it has become the drummers’ choice. Look for our upcoming chat with John Good.  The response we received on the insights of Don Lombardi were nothing short of compelling and we think you will find what John has to say of equal import.  John brings an unmatched passion for his craft which has translated into the benchmark of excellence that has become DW Drums.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski Editor





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