A short while ago we reported on One Direction’s drummer Josh Devine who is one of the best up and coming drummers out there. We told you about a solo album that Josh was releasing with Ollie Green. You can read our prior blog here. Since then Through The Fire was in fact released by Messrs. Devine and Green and the album is doing great. Album coverThis is hopefully the beginning of a viable solo career for Devine beyond 1D. However, even more on point with what Josh will do during the One Direction hiatus and beyond, our colleagues at MTV just did a sit down with the young phenom drummer to talk about his impending plans and you can read that interview here. Josh’s story is a reminder of how mercurial the music business can be and how it is critical to keep moving because you never know what will happen regardless of the success of your current gig.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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