Ordinarily, an artist’s tour announcement is not a big deal unless you are a fan of that particular artist but in the case of Kenny Chesney’s release of his Trip Around The Sun tour dates in 2018 not only am I thrilled because Chesney is one of my favorite artists but also because there is a great back story to this tour. That back story involves Chesney’s hit song Save It For A Rainy Day (The Big Revival (2014)) and his relationship with members of fellow country artist Old Dominion. Chesney tells the story in the video below.

The Trip Around The Sun tour kicks off on April 21, 2018 in Tampa, Florida, and the tour spans 18 dates with the final show being in Boston. Concerts will include guests Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion and Brandon Lay. Chesney’s last tour was in 2016.

Editor’s Note: One more important thing for members of “No Shoes Nation” to note is on October 27 Chesney will release his second live album entitled Live From No Shoes Nation.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor