If you are a vendor it’s always nice to receive an endorsement from a player and every once in a while when a legend says something good about you, that’s really special. However, the story of this particular endorsement has a special twist and one that we felt we had to tell you about.

Enter Dennis Chambers. Dennis needs no introduction to our readers as his legendary resume speaks for itself. Widely recognized as one of the preeminent drummers in the industry, Mr. Chambers has built a name for himself that is beyond question. His pocket playing and solos are legendary and they are also fan favorites around the world. However, like anyone else, Dennis is human and sometimes in life unfortunate things happen to good people. 

Specifically, on February 10 of this year a fire engulfed Dennis’ Baltimore home and sadly he suffered substantial property losses. Most importantly, Mr. Chambers’ family was thankfully safe. Despite that, what was particularly devastating to Dennis, who is an avid drum collector, was the destruction of much of his vast drum collection. Yet, not all is bad and indeed there is a silver lining to this story.

Included in Dennis’ drum collection were kits once owned by some of Dennis’ heroes including Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Papa Jo Jones, and Philly Jo Jones. Special players and special drum kits indeed. Fortunately, these special kits were spared from the fire and rather than us telling you how that happened, we thought we would let Dennis tell you himself which he does in video below:

Dennis is of course referring to our own Fred Beato’s popular “Pro1” drum bags that happen to be fire retardant and water proof. Thankfully, in this instance the fire retardant aspect of the bags saved the day.

In reaction to this incident we reached out to our own Fred Beato who had this to say: “First, I was saddened to hear of Dennis’ loss. I cannot even imagine the effect of this destruction on him. Dennis has been a friend for decades and I have always admired his courage and determination as to how he deals with things in life and in seeing how he dealt with tragedy here, I continue to see a strong man who will bounce back from this. Second, I am so grateful that my products were able to save some of his most precious kits. I know how much that meant to Dennis and I am thankful that I could help in any way.”

For all of us at Beato’s Blog we certainly wish Dennis the best in dealing with this situation. It is unfortunate but there is indeed a silver lining to this story as indeed sometimes in the worst of times we do our best work. Best of luck Mr. Chambers; we are pulling for you.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor