If you are an artist you will want to hear what our next guest has to say. Richard Liebowitz is an impressive and aggressive young attorney hailing from Valley Stream, New York, and he specializes in copyright law but more importantly, Liebowitz has quickly made a name for himself in the protection of an artist’s work. Eloquent and well spoken, Liebowitz regularly speaks around the country on important and common issues facing artists looking to protect their work and after a few minutes of speaking with him you quickly get the message that Liebowitz is indeed a copyright watchdog. Artists can sometimes be their own worst enemy by failing to protecting their work which sometimes is attributable to simple ignorance of what to do when someone else is using your work without your permission.

But one way to counteract that is to educate yourself and with that we invite to hear our chat with Richard Liebowitz. Check it out.

Editor’s Note: For more information about Richard please visit his law firm’s website here and his law firm’s Facebook page here.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor