Here at Beato’s Blog one of our favorite drummers is Josh Devine, the timekeeper for the mega pop band, One Direction.

Josh Devine
Josh Devine



Having listened to the man and seen him perform live, he is way more than your average 4/4 drummer.  He is a young drumming dynamo.  In fact, he’s a music dynamo considering that he also plays piano, guitar and bass, and he also sings.  So when 24-year-old Devine, who has been playing drums since he was 3 years old, announced that he is releasing his first solo record we had to give this some mention.

JD in action
JD in action
















JD is set to release his EP, Through the Fire, on Aug. 24.





Editor’s note: JD, earlier this year, released (along with Ollie Green) Here To Stay which, in my opinion, is a terrific track.  It was well received on You Tube and you can view the video below.

But first, we need to be clear, as Josh has said himself, this album is not a sign that he’s leaving 1D as their drummer.  In fact, far from it.  As Devine himself has said,

“I’ll always play for One Direction as a drummer as long as they want me to.  I’m with them till the end. Drumming is my passion at the end of the day.”

JD has devoted his life to music and he has left no stone unturned along the way taking advantage of every opportunity that he can.  His break came when he worked with One Direction on their first live performance after finishing third on The X Factor in the U.K.  As JD described it, he got a call from one Chris Leonard who was “putting together at the time a band for this new boy band who had just come off a TV thing, and they asked me if I’d be interested, and of course I’d accepted.”

JD on the X Factor
JD on the X Factor

Since then, Josh has had the opportunity to have played in virtually every major venue in the world with one of the world’s most famous bands.

JD on tour with 1D
JD on tour with 1D

JD has also been very active on social media in letting his fans follow him on tour and not just your average “tour” at that.  (Devine is sporting over 3 million followers on Twitter).  These are mega tours in large stadiums that most groups will never get a chance to perform in.  JD’s fans have flocked to social media to stay in touch with him and he clearly is a fan favorite with the Directioners.





So, now it has come time for Josh to put forth his own material what can fans expect to hear and what drives Devine in songwriting?  (By the way, joining JD on this record–as he did on Here To Stay–is U.K. songwriter Ollie Green who is a talent of his own.  JD and Ollie met following the X Factor performances).  As to what to expect JD had this to say:

“I try for everything I do to have a positive message. There’s so much negativity these days. I can just write music that’s uplifting and music that makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel good about the world around you. I just try to stay as humble as possible.”

Take a moment to check out the new video for Through The Fire, the title track to the upcoming EP:

Editor’s note: Stay tuned and look for our upcoming album review on Through The Fire.  JD fans you can now pre-order the EP on iTunes.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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