As was reported earlier today by our colleagues at Billboard, One Direction frontman Harry Styles has split from 1D’s current management group; Modest Management.  (You can read the Billboard report here).  Styles joins former 1D member Zayn Malik as the second member to leave Modest.  So, who is Styles’ new management? Jeff Azoff, who is the son to entertainment mogul Irving Azoff, a renowned veteran of the industry and also the person whom Billboard named, in their 2012 edition of the “Power 100,” as the most powerful person in the music industry.  The elder Azoff has made a career of developing young talent and sticking with it.  Case in point is Azoff’s 40 year relationship with the Eagles.

Irving Azoff
Irving Azoff

The reason why Styles’ move is interesting is several fold.  As everyone knows, One Direction is currently in “hiatus” status which has come to mean varying things depending on who you talk to.  The company line, so to speak, has been that the band will go on and that all that was needed during this break was the break itself.  However, with Malik now showing some very promising returns on his new single Pillowtalk it would not be a stretch to envision that other 1D members can see such solo success for themselves as well. In fact, the Hollywood Life has reported that sources close to Styles claim that he thinks he can blow Malik’s solo success “out of the water.”

The point is that a solo career all starts with distancing oneself from professionals that got Styles and crew to where they are today.  In other words, the utility of the 1D model (created and masterminded by none other than Simon Cowell) has simply run its course.  Bluntly put, the “team” has gotten the artist as far as the artist wanted to go with that project (irrespective of unimaginable global success) and now it’s time to move in a different direction. A solo direction that is. Indeed, that may be the inevitable truth and signs like this do indeed indicate that this could be the new direction.  Only time will tell.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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