The epic rock group Def Leppard has been forced to cancel winter tour dates between February 2 and 17 due to issues with frontman Joe Elliott’s voice. Included in those cancelled dates are in fact two dates from previously postponed shows. Although some mystery surrounds the real issue, drummer Rick Allen was more to the point when he Tweeted this:

In fact, a post on the band’s website merely stated that the cancellations were due to “illness.”  Read that here.  Prior to the cancellations, Def Leppard–while performing aboard a cruise for dates between January 21 and 25–ran into issues with Elliott’s voice thus forcing the band (with some help from others like Kip Winger and Eric Martin (Mr. Big)) to pick up the slack. Joe Elliott is a seasoned and veteran rock frontman for one of the best bands in history and we sincerely hope that he makes a speed recovery and that the group gets back to touring sooner than later.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor





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