With summer in sight everyone makes an extra effort to look good and that means getting the best fashion advice as well as sporting the best threads. To achieve both look no further than Claire Jane Vranian, the founder of Las Vegas based ICJUK. Claire’s fashions are well known to marque musicians and a quick perusal of social media makes that clear. Claire’s success as a fashion guru follows a longstanding career in the film industry. Indeed, since settling in Vegas and starting ICJUK the blond wonder hasn’t looked back–not once.

One of ICJUK’s biggest supporters has been (and continues to be) none other than Def Leppard’s front man, the iconic Joe Elliot. Joe and others can commonly be spotted on stage and elsewhere wearing ICJUK designs and to say that Claire is a staple of music fashion (and indeed fashion in general) is an understatement. In fact, check out this post from from Facebook where Joe Elliot is pictured sporting an ICJUK tee for an interview with Rolling Stone:

If you take a look at the ICJUK merch you will see why the stars wear her designs. Check out these threads.


Again, look around and the proof is in the pudding; people are wearing and loving ICJUK.

Phil Soussan (l.), Claire (c.), and Jennifer Soussan (r.)

So we now invite you to hear from the fashionista herself as she shares her ideas and thoughts on looking and feeling good. Ladies and gentlemen, we present our sitdown with Clair Jane Vranian:

We want to thank Claire for taking a few minutes to speak with us and by all means take the time to check out all the latest fashions brought to you by ICJUK.

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Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor