A Skate Maloley February 20 show ended in violence when midway through the concert a fight broke out apparently (as it is being reported) between two women. Security then interceded but so did the 21 year old rapper who was apparently attempting to pull security off a fan. Although what happened next is somewhat unclear what is clear from the following (and disturbing video) is that Maloley himself was the subject of an attack by security personnel.  Check out the video for yourself:


Subsequently, Skate posted these Tweets:

Apparently, the venue hosting the show–NYC’s Webster Hall–is now under assault by fans petitioning to close the forum down.  Check out the petition here.

In response, Webster Hall posted this on its Tumblr account:

“Saturday’s incident is being fully investigated, as there are misreports about what took place. Webster Hall’s staff do NOT carry tasers and are not armed. They carry strobe flashlights. The safety of all guests is always our primary focus.”

No doubt this melee will be sorted out in due time and while it is the “Skaterade Tour 2016” continues.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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