So, for weeks around here there has been a buzz about the impending release of the debut and self-entitled album from Beato Band, a collaboration between our own Fred Beato and seasoned and career veteran (and Grammy Winner), David Pack. Also joining the duo is childhood friend and youth band member, the multi-talented Tomas Croucier. Why the buzz? Well, David Pack is a household name and he needs little introduction. Many of you probably remember him as the former frontman for the very successful rock band, Ambrosia, as well as for his many accomplishments since as an in-demand performer, writer, and producer. Tomas Croucier is also no stranger considering his stints with groups like Santana, the Scorpions, the Turtles, and Flo and Eddie.

That then leaves our own Fred Beato (pronounced “bey-ato”). Drummers around the world know the name as “Beato Bags” are the pre-eminent maker of drum bags around; period. But, there’s more. Fred is also an outstanding drummer for whom the band, Beato Band, is named after and we think listeners will really like the grooves “Freddy boy” lays down on several tracks on the group’s debut album.

Fred Beato
Fred Beato

Additionally, a song on the upcoming record which has been gathering attention is one entitled Cuba B.C. This is an interesting composition written by David Pack for his old friend and in a moment Fred can fill us in more on the real story behind that song and believe us, it’s quite a story. (Fred also has writing credits for this track).

Finally, Fred is the one half of the “friends” in the catchy tune written by David Pack entitled, My Old Friend. The song tells the story of the friendship of David Pack and Fred Beato from their days together in a youth band and then culminating in their reuniting decades later as Beato Band.

We think all this is “buzz-worthy” and hope you will too. And, we did not even get to the music yet which is really top shelf in and of itself! So, let’s hear from Fred Beato as he tells us about the band’s debut album which drops this Friday, February 26.

Editor’s note: For more information on Beato Band please visit their website.

You can listen to our chat with Fred Beato here:

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