The craftsmanship of Canopus is beyond dispute

Clearly, one of the more pre-eminent drum manufacturers out there is Canopus Drums. Hailing from Japan, these special drums have a way of distinguishing themselves and just recently I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an “RFM” series drum kit and below is my review of this amazing product. In sum, Canopus will not disappoint at any level; they excel in performance, appearance, workability, and overall presentation.

However, knowing that Canopus is led by president Shinichi Usuda means that the excellence of this product should come as little surprise. Usuda has shown himself to demand and orchestrate high quality in his drum line and this infectious penchant for success has rubbed off on the staff manning Canopus. From top to bottom the company has its act together….completely.

The incomparable Shinichi Usuda

Therefore, please enjoy my review which you can view below. Simply put, these drums are what they appear to be….amazing. Rock on Shinichi!


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Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor