In this segment of Side B we discover why this world has a certain sect of people (fans) commonly known as “Swifties.” The story goes like this.

Last weekend a firefighter who rushed to a head-on horrific crash was shocked to discover that his wife and son were in the mangled car. In fact, Texas volunteer firefighter Aaron Van Riper’s family was in a collision with an oncoming pickup truck near Riverside, Texas. (VanRiper’s family included his wife, Amber, and his 7-year-old son, Jonathan). Jonathan was pinned inside the car and Amber was found outside.

After being moved from the crash scene Jonathan underwent surgery on his arm and leg. Amber underwent a nine-hour surgery for her broken pelvis. All things considered, the family was lucky. . . .very lucky. However, as it turned out the family did not have health insurance, so a family friend set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical bills.

Subsequently, a curious donor appeared on the page: A donation for $15,000 was left for the family, and it was signed “Taylor Swift.” As it turns out this was the real deal, it was not a hoax or hack. Swift actually donated $15,000 to the VanRiper family.

For her effort we felt it only right to recognize Swift on this edition of Side B. You see not only did the donation really make a difference to a family in need, but it also drew significant attention to the situation which also helped with the funding. Great job Taylor. Hey, where can I get that application? You know, the one to become a “Swifty.”






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