Ok, so as you all know our Side B feature explores the “other” side of musicians. Thus, we have featured stories about artists making important public messages, sanctioning humanitarian efforts, and, making generous charitable donations. Those are all good things no doubt. But for Side B we also want to feature “all” other sides of artists away from their music. One of those other “sides” is the artist’s involvement in the business world. After all, some entertainers like KISS’ Gene Simmons and athletes like baseball’s Derek Jeter have shown that they can excel in business just as they did in music and professional sports, respectively.

Derek Jeter as the founding publisher of The Players' Tribune
Derek Jeter as the founding publisher of The Players’ Tribune

So, when our colleagues at Radio.com just put out a really great piece on Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge, and more specifically his exploits as a business entrepreneur, we just had to share it and you can read it here. It’s a cool piece and take a moment to check it out. DeLonge is a monster businessman and for his accomplishments along those lines, he’s our recipient of today’s Side B award.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor






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