As we head into the 4th weekend in June during this Summer of 2015, we wanted to take a quick look back on this week (and it was a busy week for sure) and also peak around the corner to see what’s cooking for next week.

First, I myself was so happy to talk about the upcoming new Iron Maiden album.  You really don’t want to miss this one.  You can check that blog out here:

Second, we reported about Vivian Campbell’s condition and his ability to tour which started off with Vivian withdrawing from the tour but then in a matter of hours, the doctors came up with a Plan B and they were able to turn things around.  Nice ending and good for you Vivian.  You can read that blog here:

Do you remember your wedding playlist?  Well, Spotify told us theirs and we reported on that for you.  You can read that blog here:

Questions still abound about Kurt Cobain’s death and we told you about the new documentary entitled, Soaked In Bleach.  It’s a compelling story and you can check out our blog here:

We also had the pleasure of wishing our friend Andrew Shreve (Paiste Cymbals) best of luck with his new endeavor at Gretsch Drums.  We are excited for you Andrew.  You can read that blog here:

We also reported on James Taylor’s achievement with reaching his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. Great to see J.T. reach that accomplishment and you can read that blog here:

We also reported on a new study about “extreme” music.  Is it really inciting aggressive conduct?  If you missed the answer you can check out our blog here:

Sadly, we also observed the sixth anniversary following the passing of Michael Jackson.  MJ was clearly one of a kind and you can read that blog here:

Finally, we just reported on ESPN’s venture into the music world.  We have to keep on that one for sure.  You can read that blog here:

As to next week, Dustin James will again join us and he’s going to review Love And Mercy for us.  That’s the story of Brian Wilson and from the trailer that I saw, looks very interesting.  Plus, we will of course continue to cover your entertainment news along with some other special features.  Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend everyone.






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