Canopus Drums, a market leader in high-end drums since the company was started in 1977 by President Shinichi Usuda (pictured above behind a Canopus Yaiba “Groove Kit”), has just announced that it has introduced a new and innovative marching bass drum product. The Canopus press release tells us this about the new product:Canopus booth

The unique feature, according to Usuda, are the clear portholes on the perimeter of the shell that allow the player to see where he or she is marching while performing.  Usuda had this to say:

“We are excited to bring this new product to the market.  Of course, we wanted to feature the signature Canopus sound and quality however, we also wanted to add a feature to factor in the player’s safety.  I feel we have achieved our goal and I am proud to display this new product at NAMM 2016.”
Naoya Hasegawa (l.) and Shinichi Usuda (r.) point out the bass drum porthole

Canopus, widely known for its unique Zelkova snare drum (which is seamless and is made from a hollowed out tree trunk), continues to feature new and innovative products while preserving that unique Canopus sound.  Look for our upcoming feature on the Canopus Yaiba kits (including the “Bop Kit” and the “Groove Kit” series) when we speak with Canopus factory manager, Naoya Hasegawa, about the Yaiba line drum kits.

Naoya Hasegawa on a Canopus Yaiba "Bop Kit"
Naoya Hasegawa on a Canopus Yaiba “Bop Kit”
Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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