“Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.”

Brian Wilson

Well folks, put another week of Summer 2015 in the books.  Things are definitely heating up weather wise and also here on Beato’s Blog.  So, for this rewind let’s look back at this week’s postings.

Looking Back

On Monday (July 6) we wasted no time in getting your week started right with some Quick Hits.  Take a look at this blog to read about Amy Winehouse’s former manager’s reaction to Amy, the new documentary.  You might also want to take a moment to check out our review on Amy which we continue to update.  This blog also has a cool video clip in which you can see Dave Grohl returning to action following breaking his leg. We wrapped this one up with President Obama and the Grateful Dead.

Yeah, Mondays can suck but not this past one.  We came right back with another round of Quick Hits (Evening Edition) for ya.  It was awesome for us to report about the renewed success of Lionel Richie, more Dead records (as in Grateful that is), and, some interesting U.K. government subsidies for musicians.

Tuesday brought us some interesting facts about streaming music.  Man, our consumption habits are ever so changing and you might want to check out what we found.  We also told you about Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s venture into country music.  Definitely worth taking a peek at the new video of Love Is Your Name.  Finally, we were thrilled to report on All Time Low’s new tour announcement.  ATL is certainly one of my favorites and I think this tour will be off the charts.  Definitely Something’s Gotta Give with that one.

On Wednesday we brought you the new announcement from the One Direction boys.  Directioners, let’s go!  I will be interested to see how the 1D legion react to this one.

Thursday brought us some more Quick Hits.  Check it out and you can read about extreme music’s effects on its listeners, the sentencing of former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, and, the continued success of Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Finally yesterday, on Friday, to end your week the right way we again caught you up on Amy; this time about the film’s success at the U.K. box office.  Staying on the cinema trail, we also updated you on Soaked In Bleach, the new documentary about Kurt Cobain.  Tune in to read about what the film’s director had to say.  Finally, we closed out your week with a piece on a brewing feud between concert photogs and artists.  That’s quite a tug-o-war that we want to keep our eye on, indeed.

So with that, we wish everyone a great weekend and we look forward to reporting for you again next week.



Oh, one last note before we forget. . . . . . . . . . . . . . congrats to the United States Womens’ Soccer Team on their World Cup victory!

Womens Soccer





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