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Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Manager Sees “Amy” As Honest Account

You might remember that we just put up our review of Amy, the new documentary on the life and career of Amy Winehouse.  You can read that review here.  We want to continue to follow reaction from people who can shed light on what people with knowledge really thing about the film.  Nick Shymansky, Winehouse’s ex-manager who met Amy when they were both teenagers, just spoke with MTV News and Shymansky had this to say about the film:

“I guess in the back of my mind I was cynical thinking they’ll never deliver a raw, honest account about what happened, and then when I saw the first cut and I thought: they delivered, they delivered what they said they’d do.”

You can read the full interview with Shymansky here.

Nick Shymansky

Grohl Gives New Meaning To “Break A Leg”

We previously posted about Dave Grohl’s unfortunate fall (read it here) and then the good news that the Foos’ July 4 RFK show would go on (read it here).  Well, true to his word Dave Grohl was there cast and all. Grohl performed while seated on a throne with guitars sticking out from all sides of Grohl’s specially-constructed chair, which made the whole apparatus look like a rock and roll version of the much sought-after seat of power in Game Of Thrones.   Dave you never fail your fans.

Check out the Foos performing Something For Nothing from the July 4 show:


President Obama Endorses The Dead

America just celebrated its birthday yesterday and over the weekend in Chicago (Soldier Field), another piece of American history also reached a milestone; the Grateful Dead turned 50.


One American who paid tribute the iconic band was our own President.  In a statement from President Obama our Commander-In-Chief had this to say of The Dead:

“Here’s to fifty years of the Grateful Dead, an iconic American band that embodies the creativity, passion, and ability to bring people together that makes American music so great.  Enjoy this weekend’s celebration of your fans and legacy. And as Jerry would say, ‘Let there be songs to fill the air.'”

Well said Mr. President.

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