Stefani Goes Southpaw

Do you like No Doubt, Gwen Stefani?  Then watch for the soundtrack to Southpaw which is due to be released in theaters on July 24.  Turns out that Stefani recently collaborated with Eminem (the executive producer on the soundtrack) for a track entitled, Kings Never Die, which will be part of the movie’s soundtrack.  Stay tuned for that one; should be killer.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Southpaw features Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams and it is about a professional boxer who has it all.  After pleading from his wife to retire to spend time with his family the boxer agrees and retires.  However, then tragedy strikes and his world falls apart.  The boxer, played by Gyllenhaal, has no choice but to return to the world he left and he needs the help of his trainer, played by Forest Whitaker, to do it.  Both the soundtrack and the movie are worth checking out.

The Power Is On! AC/DC Joins Spotify

Ugh.  In this day and age it seems like we need a score card to keep track of which artist is on which streaming service.  In fact, remember the other day that we reported on Prince pulled his catalog off Spotify and you can read that here.  Well, out with Prince and in with AC/DC.  AC/DC, who finally joined the iTunes bandwagon in 2012 after rejecting the notion for some time, has now joined Spotify and in fact, the band has even indicated that it will be available on newcomer Apple Music.   Good job Angus and crew.

Stay tuned for more lineup changes.

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