IMG_2103Some products are just too good looking to ignore and our friends at Paiste Cymbals are sure bringing it at this year’s NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Besides being fantastic cymbals, Paiste has now introduced their Color Sound 900 series and it is on full display for the world to see. Avid Paiste fans might remember that the Color Sound cymbals came out in the 80s and over time the line has only gotten better.  IMG_2105

IMG_2106So, what’s up with the 900 Series? Well, besides their stunning appearance and the prototypical Paiste sound, the 900 Series offers a slightly drier sound as well as a somewhat shorter sustain. The attack of these cymbals is pretty focused and the feel is great. Disappointment doesn’t come with these cymbals.

In fact, check out these sound samples to hear the brilliant quality of these cymbals:

Here’s the 14″ purple Sound Edge hi-hats:

If you thought that was good, check out this sound bite of a 20″ red Heavy Ride bell:

Finally, and my favorite, check out this 10″ Red splash:

“With these cymbals, Paiste has successfully married a drummer’s look and feel like no other.”


The 900 Series is available in black, red, blue, and purple. So, if you are after not only a killer sound but also a great look, you want to check out these cymbals. For more information, please visit Paiste’s website here.
Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor