“When I play rhythms, I see visions in my head. When I see visions, I hear rhythms in my head.”
Walfredo “Wally” Reyes, Jr.

We wanted to show some love for our friend and monster drummer/percussionist Walfredo “Wally” Reyes, Jr., whom many of you know is the percussionist for the legendary band Chicago. On December 17 Wally and his band Wally World (along with special guests) will be performing in Burbank, California. But this is no ordinary show; it’s a special occasion with a great purpose behind it. Wally had this to say about this special performance:


“I am very excited for this show. It stands to be a fun night and it’s for a great cause. In fact, the next day is my birthday and therefore my wish was to have a jam with friends and then do something very special for those who are less fortunate. Wally 1So, my friend Dan Jimenez and I decided to get some boxes from the Children’s Hospital and fill them with toys for the sickly children that will spend Christmas in a hospital bed. Please join me to make this wish come true and I promise you will have a great time, enjoy some great music, and party a lot!! I Hope to see you there and to all I say Happy Holidays, Peace, Health, and Love to all of you!!”

Check out the promo poster for this special gig and please show your support for this wonderful effort:

Wally ad

Wally, there is nothing better than someone who gives back. Great job and we thank you and Dan for this worthy cause and before we forget, Happy Birthday!

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor