So….how come no one’s talking about Elton John? I mean, Reg Dwight. I mean, The Piano Man. I mean, the Rocket Man.

EJ has just released his 32nd solo studio album this month. For those of you who aren’t good with numbers I’ll repeat that; EJ has just released his thirty-second solo studio album this month. 1969 was the year he debuted with Empty Sky, but it was 1970’s Elton John that included, Your Song that sent him into a decades long chart topping ride.

Elton has had a record in the top 40 for four straight decades. Think about that. This means that for forty years, you were more than likely to turn on your radio, no matter where in the Western world you were, and no more than an hour would go by before you’d hear and Elton John song. That’s sort of mind boggling. It’s actually mind blowing. Because no other artist can lay claim to doing the self – same thing.


I’m looking at today’s Billboard Hot 100 listings and I’m trying to imagine who, among the Taylor Swifts, Weeknds, Rhianna’s and Biebers’ could come even close to EJ’s mark. I suppose it’s not a fair comparison. It’s not musical apples to musical apples as they say in the musical apples comparison field. The industry, for better or worse, has changed. And it’s not going back to how it used to be. Those days are over. Finito. Kaput. Done. Our age is one of quickness. Everything happens faster. Which, channeled correctly, can be great. But it usually leads to a bright star that flames out in a short amount of time. There’s no more 40 years of stardust trailing any of the modern artists today. But that’s ok, for as my ten-year-old pop loving son often reminds me, ‘We’re a new generation, man.’






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