You might remember that a while back we reported that rapper 50 Cent was getting some backlash for pictures he had posted on social media which portrayed the rapper being enveloped in loads of cash. (You can read that blog here). The problem? The pictures don’t really go with a bankruptcy proceeding which is what 50 Cent is currently embroiled in. Anyway, at 50 Cent’s March 9 court appearance the rapper Tweeted this picture:

50 Cent

The caption to the Tweet said this: “I had to go to court today because.” Apparently, this was the last straw in the judge’s mind. So, it didn’t take all that much to envision that a bankruptcy judge might have a problem with the rapper’s pictorial portrayals. Rejecting the rapper’s explanation that the money was a prop and the posts were meant as a joke, the judge (Connecticut Judge Ann Nevins) had this to say today:

“That’s not funny. While you’re in this courthouse, there is nothing funny going on. This is very serious stuff. I would appreciate it very much if we could keep it that way.” Judge Nevins did not go so far as to prohibit further postings and in fact she added this: “I’m not telling anybody how they can exercise their rights to free speech, but I want to keep things very serious here.”

The posts also piqued the interest of the Treasury Department which visited 50 Cent (a/k/a Curtis Jackson) asking whether the money was counterfeit.

Here’s the best part. 50 Cent was asked to react to the judge’s comments which he did by saying, “That’s not me anymore.” That was coupled with a grin.

Editor’s Note: All is not bad for the rapper, however, as rumor has it that he is close to striking a deal with creditors.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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