“I think he misremembers.”
Roger Clemens

In a bizarre sense of timing former One Direction member Zayn Malik recently came out and proclaimed, at least in part, his reason for departing the boy band megagroup in March of this year. Malik said:

“There was never any room for me to experiment creatively in the band. [It was] generic as f**k. That’s not music that I would listen to. Would you listen to One Direction, sat at a party with your girl? I wouldn’t.”

Here are some observations about Malik’s comments. First, Malik has been out of the band for over 6 months and although people may need time to collect their thoughts, are his thoughts on leaving still relevant after all this time? The band has moved on and perhaps so should he. Second, Malik goes on to state that 1D just wasn’t him but then the reality is that he played a charade for 5 years that wasn’t him. That’s a long time to be untrue to yourself. However, the most ironic element to Malik’s statements is their timing. They come ahead of Malik’s upcoming and debut album in 2016 but more importantly, they come on the heels of an announcement that 1D will headline the 2016 edition of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, at the Billboard Hollywood Party in Los Angeles.

Additionally, the band’s first album without Malik (Made In The A.M.) is soaring. Billboard just reported earlier today that 1D topped Justin Bieber on the U.K. chart at No. 1 and that Made In The A.M. is the fastest selling album of the year. (You can read the Billboard article here).

Here’s the point, breakups are never easy nor are they typically happy occasions for any involved. But walk away with class and worry about building your own project instead of knocking the foundation that put you on the map in the first place. In Malik’s case, that music you wouldn’t now listen to and those years of working for “the unrelenting management” sure paved your way to do what few of us ever get to do; do what we really want to do. Appreciate your past and all it brought you because it probably helped launch a great future. Your past is at least owed that much of an acknowledgement.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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