Tomorrow it will be one month since we reported that New Jersey native and guitar prodigy Matt O’Ree was selected by Jon Bon Jovi to join him on a tour that began on September 11. (Our original blog appears below). The tour has now concluded however, the magic created by O’Ree hasn’t. Our colleagues at KpopStarz are now reporting that O’Ree’s residency with JBJ will be a permanent one.

Matt O'Ree (far right) with JBJ
Matt O’Ree (far right) with JBJ

Even a casual observer of O’Ree’s recent work product on the tour would have probably concluded that this was going to happen however, it now appears to be a done deal. In our opinion, this is another sound decision by JBJ (the second one) concerning O’Ree. O’Ree certainly solidifies the lineup–both in appearance and playing ability–and from the looks of how the tour unfolded, he probably helped re-energize the live show as well. With a new album in the works and an upcoming tour in 2016 O’Ree’s timing is impeccable. He is now poised to help an iconic band do what they do best and further what made them famous in the first place. Is it a miracle? Well, JBJ himself once said:

Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.

Maybe JBJ had someone like O’Ree in mind when he said it. Either way, O’Ree not only worked hard to get his shot but when he took it he nailed it–big time. That’s a pro, hands down, and now that O’Ree has delivered look for his stock to spike.

Fans of O’Ree and his band (The Matt O’Ree Band/ can check them out on October 30 when they perform at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

MO 5
(From l. to r., Scott Bennert, John Hummel, Matt O’Ree, and, Eric Safka)


Bon Jovi Enlists Guitar Maven Matt O’Ree For Upcoming Tour

Originally posted on September 9:

Here at Beato’s Blog we have to put a shout out–and a large one at that–to a very deserving Matt O’Ree who, as we speak, is en route to joining Jon Bon Bovi on his upcoming tour which is slated to kick off in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 11.  O’Ree is a New Jersey native as is Bon Jovi.

Matt O'Ree
Matt O’Ree

O’Ree, for our readers who haven’t seen him perform, is not only a very talented musician and blues maven, but also a genuinely nice guy whose smile and passion typically permeates every photo he’s in. That same passion and dedication to his music is also readily apparent in O’Ree’s performances–live or studio.

As is now being reported by Billboard and, O’Ree will replace Bobby Bandiera as the touring guitarist and join Phil X who will remain as the lead player on the upcoming tour. Thus, O’Ree is joining a crew of widely experienced and seasoned national musicians.  However, considering O’Ree’s background, we expect he will fit in nicely.

Jon Bon Jovi (l.) and Matt O'Ree (r.)
Jon Bon Jovi (l.) and Matt O’Ree (r.)

Amongst other things, in 2006 O’Ree became the Winner of Guitarmageddon “King of the Blues” guitar contest which was hosted by BB King and John Mayer through Guitar Center and Guitar World Magazine.  He has also released 3 albums of his own to critical acclaim.  To learn more about Matt’s background, fans should take a moment to check out O’Ree’s website. Also worthy of note is O’Ree’s band which he regularly performs with. Aptly titled the Matt O’Ree Band or M.O.B., the band is a staple on the Jersey Shore music scene and has been for quite some time.

Matt O'Ree band (from l. to r., Scott Bennert, John Hummel, Eric Safka, and, Matt O'Ree)
The Matt O’Ree band (from l. to r., Scott Bennert, John Hummel, Eric Safka, and, Matt O’Ree)

O’Ree–through M.O.B.–has surrounded himself with exceptional musicians including Eric Safka (keys), Scott Bennert (bass), and, the rock solid and always reliable John Hummel (drums).  Each of the members of M.O.B. also come with impressive credentials and when combined with O’Ree, fans or MOBsters, typically leave a M.O.B. performance feeling very satisfied.

No doubt there is a feel good side to this story.  O’Ree, a local and fan favorite, has an opportunity to take his music to a new level. However, don’t be fooled by the human side to this story, underneath all the niceties is an incredibly, and legitimately, talented musician in O’Ree and we all know how serious a musician JBJ is and how adamant he is about the quality of the product he puts out.  Point being this is a solid pick by JBJ.  In fact, it has not been unusual to see JBJ’s keyboardist frequently jamming with O’Ree and his band.  That tells you something.

David Bryan and M.O.B. (photo credit Driscoll Photography)
David Bryan and M.O.B. (photo credit Driscoll Photography)

O’Ree is a player who can clearly hold his own on a national level.  O’Ree has already had national exposure through his own material and this tour with JBJ can only further cement his budding career. Expect good things from O’Ree; we do. And as for the personal aspect of the story, as JBJ always said, “who says you can’t go home?”

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor 






  1. I’ve seen Matt perform many times and had a few opportunities to chat with him. The article is spot on both as to his talent as well as Matt being a down to earth genuine guy.


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