Buddy Rich's kit at The Professional Drum Shop
Buddy Rich’s kit at The Professional Drum Shop

Every once in a great while a drummer will come out with a special drum set that is worthy of special mention and after all, who doesn’t like a cool drum kit! Add historical significance to the mix and the kit itself takes on a special presence. To qualify for such a mention that really takes either a special drummer or a really special occasion (or both). Case in point (for a special drummer) is Buddy Rich’s drum kit which is on display at The Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood. Conversely, in the case of a special event (coupled with a special drummer), an example of such was Neil Peart’s “R40” kit–which was designed to celebrate Peart’s 40th Anniversary in joining Rush.

Neil Peart's R40 kit
Neil Peart’s R40 kit

Now, in joining some pretty impressive (and indeed historic) company, iconic drummer Tris Imboden–Chicago’s longest running drummer and the architect of some masterful drum parts like those found in the timeless hit Footloose–has announced that for Chicago’s 50th Anniversary as a band that he will be sporting a special drum kit to celebrate this great event. Check out this Instagram posting from Tris:

A sneak peek at my new drum set celebrating the band’s 50th Anniversary! All the hardware is gold plated too!!

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Special drummers and special events like Peart’s R40 and Imboden’s 50th kit don’t come around too often. Get out and check them out; they are indeed a special, special treat.

Editor’s Note: To catch Tris and Chicago on their current tour, check out their dates here.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor