Last week our own Dave Glassman wrote about the continuing allure of the legendary Rolling Stones and you can read his blog here.  Well, boy was he right.  This past Friday the Rolling Stones joined the international excitement surrounding renewed relations with Cuba when they became the first major international rock band to play in Cuba.  As anticipated, the Stones drew hundreds of thousands of people to a free concert at a local sports complex near the airport.


Mick Jagger, the iconic Stones frontman, had this to say to the audience (in Spanish nonetheless) about the experience: “Years ago it was difficult to hear our music but here we are. The times are changing.”  Guitarist Keith Richards added this: “Havana, Cuba and the Rolling Stones: it’s amazing.”  The concert followed months of diplomatic discussions held after Cuba announced in 2014 that they would repair decades of broken relations.  So how did Jagger surmise the experience? “It feels historic,” he said.  As most Cubans only earn about $20 a month, there was no charge to see the show. Way to keep rolling Stones.
Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor




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