Walfredo Reyes, Sr. at work with Cuban flute player and band leader Jose Fajardo

With recent developments in the music business, it is becoming more and more apparent that the musical talent in the de los Reyes family lineage runs very deep and that its future is also looking very bright. Led by the Cuban born patriarch Walfredo de los Reyes, Sr., who was a master percussionist and drummer himself from the 1940s through the 1960s, Reyes, Sr. went on to have three sons; Walfredo “Wally” Reyes, Jr.; Daniel de los Reyes; and, Kamar de los Reyes.

The patriarch himself, Walfredo Reyes, Sr.

Editor’s Note: Walfredo Reyes, Sr., performed and worked with many legendary artists including Tito Puente, Rolando La Serie, Louis Bellson, Cachao, Alex Acuna, Linda Ronstadt and, Steve Winwood, just to name a few. He is also a renowned timbaleros player as well as also being known for his extensive work as an educator. Reyes Sr.’s father was a well known trumpet player so the family history, in terms of musical talent, is extensive.

Kamar de los Reyes

Wally Reyes, Jr., who is 62 and was born in Cuba, has just taken over the drumming duties for the legendary HOF band Chicago. His younger brother, Daniel de los Reyes, age 55 and who was born in New York City, is the percussionist for one of the hottest acts in music–The Zac Brown Band–and, he was just voted by a readers’ poll as Modern Drummer Magazine’s 2018 World Percussion Winner. Finally, son Kamar (the youngest of the three at 50 years of age and who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico) is an accomplished actor whom many will remember for his role as “Antonio Vega” from the hit soap One Life To Live, in addition to his appearance on the FOX series, Sleepy Hollow. Kamar’s list of accomplishments, much like his brothers’ accomplishments, is quite lengthy.

Editor’s Note: Kamar is married to the beautiful actress Sherri Saum whom readers should know for her role as “Lena Adams Foster” from the ABC Family series, The Fosters. The Fosters began in 2013 and this Summer the show will come to an end after a long and successful run.

The richly talented brothers de los Reyes (from l. to r., Daniel, Kamar, and Wally)
Lilliana de los Reyes

As far as the music industry goes, the resumes of the brothers de los Reyes (referring to Wally and Daniel) are well known. Furthermore, their foothold in the drumming and percussion community is equally well established. However, recent attention given to Wally’s daughter, Lilliana de los Reyes (who is pictured with her father Wally in the featured photograph for this blog (photo credit Steve Olch)), is what picqued our interest here. Lilliana’s resume–much like her father’s resume–is also indicative of talent and a dedication to her craft which clearly makes us think that the future of the de los Reyes musical lineage is also in good hands. Lilliana, a talented (and pretty) percussionist, singer, and songwriter, is a graduate from USC’s Thornton School Of Music. She currently tours with George Benson although of recent she has been seen on stage performing with her father, Wally. The following video is evidence of that:

Lilliana also performed on Wally’s solo debut album entitled Wally World where we found that she offered a very impressive vocal performance. (You can check out our album review here). However, we do not appear to be the only ones taking note of Lilliana’s rising stock. After her father was chosen to replace Tris Imboden as the drummer for Chicago many fans of the band began to suggest that Lilliana should be considered for the now vacant percussionist position left by Wally Reyes, Jr. An endorsement of that nature speaks volumes of what people really think about this young lady and her musical talents.

All in all, we certainly know this much. We are now witnessing something very special in music with the brothers de los Reyes (Wally and Daniel). Both are at the top of their game and in big time bands where their exposure will only be more magnified. Both also have a long way to go so there is a lot of music left in the tank. So, expect even greater things from Wally and Daniel and it will be exciting and interesting to see just how much farther these two take their music careers as if they haven’t already accomplished enough. But at the same time we also suggest you keep an eye on Lilliana de los Reyes. To us, she appears poised to continue the great lineage that the de los Reyes family has built and mastered over decades of hard work in the music business. She is young, beautiful, very talented at her craft and, hard working. That would only be fitting because this deeply talented family has already got the past and present under wraps so they might as well address the future musical generation of this amazing lineage.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor