Mooch and Mata 2
Trish Mata and Paul Anthony a/k/a Mooch & Mata

It has just been announced that Jersey guitar maven, Matt O’Ree, will appear next Wednesday on The Mooch & Mata show which is a weekly feature presentation hosted on Rutgers University Radio. (The show, airing in New Brunswick, New Jersey, broadcasts every Wednesday, from 4:00-5:30 EST). Readers will remember O’Ree as not only the frontman of The Matt O’Ree Band but also as the rhythm guitar player on Jon Bon Jovi’s last tour which we covered. Additionally, O’Ree has forged a friendship and working relationship with Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan who regularly appears with O’Ree.

The Matt O'Ree Band (l. to r., Layonne Holmes, John Hummel, Eryn Shewell, Matt O'Ree, and, Scott Bennert)
The Matt O’Ree Band (l. to r., Layonne Holmes, John Hummel, Eryn Shewell, Matt O’Ree, and, Scott Bennert)

O’Ree, a renowned blues and rock artist, has announced the release of his new album which will drop on November 23. In fact on that same date O’Ree and crew will be hosting a CD release party at the historic Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

Promotional poster for the record release party
Promotional poster for the record release party

The upcoming album, aptly entitled Brotherhood, will feature a track sung by Jersey’s own Boss, Bruce Springsteen, which is called Black Boots.  Also appearing on Brotherhood is a track which O’Ree co-wrote with David Bryan which is entitled My Everything Is You.

O’Ree will be a great spot for Mooch & Mata who have forged a modern and progressive, while also being throw-back, radio format which combines interaction with in studio guests while also–get this–providing a forum for musicians to render impromptu live acoustic performances. In fact, in just the last two weeks Mooch & Mata have had some greats spots with local bands, Colossal Street Jam and Lethal Affection.

Hailing from the beautiful Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, Mooch & Mata also offer their guests the state of the art amenities which for spots like O’Ree’s, will bode well for listeners.

Mooch & Mata on the air
Mooch & Mata on the air


Mata, an actress and accomplished jazz vocalist, and, Mooch a/k/a Paul Anthony, a seasoned veteran of the music business, offer divergent backgrounds which blend to bring a unique chemistry which works with both listeners and guests alike. We fully expect that spot with Matt O’Ree will be a great one particularly considering a likely live performance by the bluesmaster himself. If you love music, you will definately want to tune in for this one.

Editor’s Note: Listeners can access the Mooch & Mata show at WRSU 88.7 FM or via the Mooch & Mata Facebook page.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor