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In our continuation of covering the current Chicago tour (featuring Walfredo “Wally” Reyes, Jr.), tonight the band pulled into Budweiser Gardens, in London, Ontario, where Chicago appeared with Earth, Wind & Fire.

Budweiser Gardens

Wally tells us that the show was a great one and for that, in part, he again gives some love to the Chicago video and special effects crew.

The Chicago lighting and special effects crew hard at work
The Chicago lighting and special effects crew hard at work
“Another great show and another amazing Canadian crowd in London. I am always amazed at the video/special effects guys tearing all this off and setting it back the next night, and on and on.”
Chi video guys at work
Another behind the scenes look with the Chicago video and special effects crew

Budweiser Gardens can get rocking and it was a great venue for Wally to unleash all of the tools that he uses as a percussionist.


Tonight Wally also wanted to share some personal notes about himself that fans will surely appreciate. First, check out this trap case. It was given to Wally by his brother. Wally added this:

Case from brother“This is one of the cases that my gear goes into after each show. This case is a special one because it was a gift from my brother, Daniel de los Reyes, who is the percussionist for the Zack Brown Band.” 
Daniel de los Reyes, Wally's brother
Daniel de los Reyes, Wally’s brother



Wally also wanted us to meet “Herbert.” Herbert comes with a story which Wally describes like this:

“Meet Herbert! He has been  with me since the 1980s. Sometimes when I’m all alone on a session or in those quiet times he keeps me company!”


Wally also wanted to introduce us to another major player in his success and in the band’s success; John M. Blom. Wally describes John as follows:

Left to right, Wally, John Blom, and Tris Imboden
Left to right, Wally, John Blom, and Tris Imboden
“Meet our drumset/percussion drumtech John M. Blom. He not only looks after Tris Imboden and I, but he also sets up everything and tears it down night after night. John also fires up some tracks on some tunes and he multitasks a lot of extra stuff. He is such a valuable member of our team.”

In fact, check out this video about John which is a fascinating behind the scenes look at his role as a drum/percussion tech for Chicago.

Great stuff Wally as he bids you adieu from London, Ontario.

Pre show

 Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor