“Drummer Nigel Olsson helped define the Elton John band sound that took the singer’s career to new heights in the mid-70s, and has been a fan favorite for decades.”

eltonjohn.com (official website for Elton John)

Nigel 2On February 10, 1949, was born a drummer who would go on to perform with one of the most epic performers of all time; Elton John. Of course, we are referring to the UK’s own Nigel Olsson. Olsson would go on–amongst performing with and producing many other projects–to forge an amazing career in music alongside Elton John. In fact–check this out-on 9 November 2014, Olsson played his 2000th concert with Elton John at the Ice Hall Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia. However, like we said, Olsson is more than Elton John’s drummer and he has indeed amassed an impressive body of work with and away from John. So, we here at Beato’s Blog wanted to wish a happy birthday to a legend and trailblazer in music. Happy birthday Mr. Olsson and many more.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor