In case you missed it our own Fred Beato was just featured in an exclusive interview with the Orange County Register and you can read that interview here. The article details Fred’s plight from Cuba as a youngster as well as his thoughts on the current state of Cuba and a song called Cuba B.C., a track recorded by Beato Band.

In announcing the interview Fred had this to say:

“I am so thankful to the Orange County Register for sharing the song and video of Cuba B.C.  from Beato Band with all of Southern California! It’s truly my journey as a young Cuban Refugee that was given the opportunity and blessings of coming to the greatest country on planet Earth . Also, I offer my prayers for all the Cubans on the island that, God willing, things will begin to get better day by day now that Castro is history!”

Check out the video for Cuba B.C. below:

Congrats Fred!

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski, Editor